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Esthetics Instructor

Job Description:

The Esthetics Instructor will assume responsibility for developing teaching materials, delivering demonstrations of requisite skills, conducting lectures on theory, techniques, and terminology. In addition, instructors will evaluate and grade student work, offering personalized tutoring as needed. They will also perform salon services and provide customer service as necessary.


  1. Employ a structured approach to teaching, incorporating lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and interactive activities.
  2. Design curriculum and prepare course materials and outlines.Administer tests and assessments, and evaluate student progress through grading.
  3. Provide personalized tutoring or remedial instruction to students requiring additional support.
  4. Oversee independent or group projects and practical training sessions.
  5. Participate in committees focusing on budgeting and curriculum development.
  6. Perform salon services for clients as required.
  7. Assist with front desk duties and customer service when necessary.
  8. Stay abreast of industry changes and advancements.
  9. Maintain organized student records.
  10. Offer timely feedback to students on their academic performance.



A college diploma in Esthetics is mandatory.


Applicants must possess at least two years of experience as an Esthetician. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in both salon environments and teaching roles.


  1. Manage competing priorities and meet deadlines effectively.
  2. Communicate proficiently with internal staff members.
  3. Deliver engaging and informative lectures.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in esthetics skills through practical examples.

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to

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